Monday, February 20, 2012

Under the Sea Adventure

This weekend the nearby Science Museum of Minnesota opened an amazing exhibit about pirates. This will be a topic at some point in the future. Since this is a somewhat holiday weekend I thought the museum would be crowded. My older daughter and I decided just to go see the see film in the Omnitheater, and we purposefully got there at 10:30 this morning. It takes about 12 minutes to walk from the door of my flat to the ticket line at the museum. Even at 10:30 we waited in line for 25 minutes for the film tickets.

Under the Sea was filmed at the Coral Triangle off the shore of Papua New Guinea. I think it is one of the best film I've ever seen at the Omnitheater. The Coral Triangle is gloriously beautiful and there are some many fish and other sea creatures in this area that are very unique.

During my career at the Minnesota Department of Health I had a colleague who had served in the Peace Corps in southeast Asia. He told a story about wading ashore among the sea snakes. Until today I had only heard about them.  We learned sea snakes breathe oxygen, but have the capability of diving down 100 feet and can remain underwater for several hours.

This is just a sample of the beautiful and highly informative scenes in the film. I tried to insert more videos into this blog, but blogger software is just behaving for doing that. If you are around Minnesota, I urge you to see this film. And watch for it to eventually get to other OmniMax screens across the U.S.

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