Monday, January 21, 2008

Update on Squirrelly Adventures

A squirrel has been making its home in the basement. On numerous occasions I opened a window, hoping it would leave. It would be quiet for several days making me think I had been successful, and then again I would find signs it was still here. At work colleagues advised me to make certain it had no source of water, so I took the cat's water away, and let the cat drink only under my supervison. Still no sign of the squirrel thinking it would be a good idea to leave. So at last I went to Home Depot and bought a trap. I didn't think it would be good for the animal to be living in the warm house and then turned out in the sub-zero weather. But it tested my patience for the last time by tearing around in the kitchen overnight. So I baited the trap and within 12 hours had the squirrel caught. It seemed Ok with the idea, so I was planning to wait until tomorrow morning to let it go. However, this evening it got very upset -- just as information found on several web sites predicted would happen. So I took it for a ride and let it go along the Mississippi River Bank. Hope it is far enough away from here that it will not find its way back and find its way in again. Thus, hopefully ends the adventure with Mr. Squirrel. And I have a new skill -- trapping.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Visiting Europe without a Plane Flight

Last night my church returned to 1569 and held a dinner with King Sigismund and Queeen Isabella from Transylvania. We celebrated the first kingdom that declared religious freedom. Before dinner drinks were Hungarian wine and the unique plum brandy found in the Transylvania area. The dinner entree included Hungarian sausage, potatoes, salad, and two unique Hungarian dishes: goulash -- not what most Americans think of when they envision goulash -- and a wonderful mushroom dish. We were serandaded by strolling musicians. After dinner we adjourned to the nearby sanctuary area for Hungarian dancing. We returned to our table to find a wonderful chocolate torte. All of this plus wonderful conversation indeed made it an evening in Europe without the annoying plane flight.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Helping Adventure without Leaving Home

Have you seen This web site gives one a way to help people who lack food while staying in the comfort of one's home and at anytime one wishes. Take up this game and help people at the same time.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pink Adventures

A few months ago my washing machine gave out. With plans to move, I decided not to buy a new one and simply use the laundromat for awhile. Not much fun in the winter obviously. I persuaded myself to go out this afternoon and get this chore done. Then on the way home I saw something that made the trip worthwhile. On the corner of Ford Parkway and Cleveland, a busy intersection in the Highland neighborhood of St. Paul, there on the sideway stands a big pink gorilla. A good news story includes who, what, where, why and how. Well, I can only tell you where and what. I certainly have no idea about the who, why and how!

And speaking of pink things. If you haven't found it, take a look at
This gives all of us a chance for turning pink forms into houses for the people of New Orleans.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Only in Minnesota! Adventure Stays Here

Yesterday I left the house about 4 PM to go to church. I decided I didn't need a coat, I could get by simply with my suit jacket, the weather was warm. When I arrived back home about 6:30 PM my neighbors were just leaving their home and one remarked to other, "Well it is 40." This evening during the drive home I was listening to Minnesota Public Radio and the conversation was about the warm weather. The reporter on the radio said something like "Yesterday one didn't even need a coat." Certainly only in Minnesota would people start walking around without coats because it is 40 degrees outside!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Squirrely Adventures

After the holidays I was convinced the squirrel had left at some other time when I had opened the basement windows. After two nights of hearing unusual noises in the house -- this surely does nothing for rest!-- I did a tour of the basement and found convincing evidence that the squirrel is still in residence. I did some cleaning up -- think chewed up papers -- and opened two windows for awhile. I also have made several trips down to bang around with the broom handle. Who could have believed this?

Friday, January 4, 2008

Adventures with auto service

Today I had an appointment for the car problem noted below. Wouldn't you know! I went to the garage and the car started without any problems. I decided to go nearby for lunch along with the phone numbers for a tow service in case a problem occurred. After lunch it started just fine and I was off the auto service shop. I told my story! The service manager came back later saying they couldn't find a problem today, but they did find something in a reference book that relates to the problem I'm describing, but since it didn't occur today, no further action will be taken. So the deal is that if the problem comes back, I call immediately to get in for an appointment! Doesn't make me feel too secure to go out alone at night, particularly in the winter!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Making Lemonade

It's January 3 and about 20 degrees outside. Not the weather one usually associates the lemondade. However, this is a reference to virtual lemondade as in the phrase, "When you have lemons, make lemonade." On December 21 I had my car serviced and expressed concern because the battery light had been coming on for a couple of days previous to this appointment. I was told the battery was faulty and good news: It's still under warranty. This solution worked for 4 days and then the problem returned again. I was glad to get back home on December 26 without mishap or inconvenience. Then I went out of town for a few days to visit friends. Today I had to go back to work and not only go back to work, but "hit the road running" as my friend said when she learned about my schedule. I'm leaving the car parked in the garage until I can take it to the service shop again. I was out of the house at 6:30 AM to catch the bus and then obviously had to take the bus back home. Now where's the lemonade? It's that both trips were in the dark and what a lovely time of the year to do a trip in the dark. The decorative lights on the homes and in the parks are lovely. Even the shops look different when one is riding on the bus. The lights made an inconvenience a bit of a pleasure.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Eve

I am visiting in Lincoln, NE, with friends. My friend decided to have a fondue party for some of her work colleagues. One called and asked what she could bring. My friend said "Nothing," but her husband said, "Thousand Year Old Eggs." One should be careful what one wishes for, because that is exactly what this friend brought. Then when someone is so thoughtful, one has to eat the food, too. I tried to quietly demurr, but that didn't work. Well, it turns out the Chinese know what they are doing. Thousand year old eggs are OK. Just one thing less to fear if I ever go to China!

Happy New Year to all.