Sunday, January 25, 2009

Adventures in Stupidity

Today was simply a day of adventures in stupidity. I've been doing deep-cleaning in the kitchen -- the kind when one moves the stove and refrigerator, washed the cupboards, the whole deal. I am using The Mary Tyler Moore Show, 3rd season, on DVD for company during these tasks.

Stupid thing #1 -- I sat down for a coffee break and grabbed the remote control for the DVD. Somehow I hit something on the remote and messed up the DVD player. Now it would show the TV, but not show any DVD video. Well, there are other things to do. About a hour later it occured to me to sit down in front of the DVD player and take a look. Using manual controls I changed it from video player back to DVD. One problem solved.

Meanwhile with moving the stove and refrigerator, the debris was piling up in the kitchen. I went to the basement where the dustpan was, and it wasn't there. I looked all over the house, and couldn't find it, so I gave up. I went to Target and bought a new one. Second problem solved.

Then I thought about trying to call my daughter who is out of town. Where is the cell phone? Not in my purse, not in coat pocket, not any place I put it in the house. Oh sugar, what did I do with the phone? Meanwhile I got an e-mail from a friend entitled "Worried and Concerned" about another topic, but ironic that it arrived just then. I thought perhaps the phone was in the car. Since it's below zero that trip required a coat and gloves! No phone. I did a few more tasks, and thought about where the phone might be. One idea was a neighborhood restaurant. I decided to drive there and inquire. Yes, that's where the phone was. Third problem solved.

This is indeed a recitation of stupid adventures. But no I never found the old dust pan!

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