Sunday, January 4, 2009

Only in Minnesota Adventure

Well, maybe Alaska too! Today the temperature at mid day was + 4 with a notice of "feels like -9." I walked up about four blocks to a nearby restaurant to meet another to brainstorm about a session for the Global Volunteers 25th anniversary celebration. Then later in the afternoon I headed out the door again to attend 4:30 PM church. It was -1, real temperature, when I got back into the car.

All this made me remember a grad school classmate. He came to Minnesota from Los Angeles having never lived anywhere else than LA. Our circle of friends were other midwesterners, used to winter. One day at lunch he asked, "When it gets below 32 you don't go outdoors, do you?" The obvious answer is yes, we do. If was one of those winters when we had the actual temperature of -35. I had a Saturday morning class, and was ever so grateful to a classmate who called and asked if I would like a ride to class. It's surely is no fun walking outdoors actually when "it feels like -9" and even less fun when the actual temperature is -35. By the way I've seen -35 only one other time since then.

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