Sunday, August 5, 2012

Could they have believed it?

This weekend I went to Lodz. If I had a Polish keyboard I would changed three letters in the word and then you could all understand why it's pronounced something like Woodge. But that's not the "Could they have believed" question.

The weather was perfect on Saturday and then the sun set and the air cooled so it was even more perfect. I sat along the "beach" in the Rynek within the Manufactura area watching a huge TV screen showing the 400 M swimming race at the Olympics.

It came to my mind -- the pictures in my blog entry of December 14 showing photos of the Solidarity exhibit that was in Minnesota. I remember those faces of despair looking through the shipyard gate in Gdansk and wondered if they could ever have believed a beach ion a rynek with the Olympics on the TV screen.

Poland holds surprises everywhere -- not the least a beach in a rynek! Come see for yourself!

More about Lodz when I have time. Back to teaching tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the progress is visible. When I started my first full-time job in 1987 I was making a 20$ a month (less than a dollar a day). Now, I'm 43 and I make 2000$ a month. It's quite a big jump (100 times) in sallary within only one generation, even if the inflation is taken into account.
Although my English have not been improved to a similar extent to that time...


Carol said...

waiting to hear more about Lodz! Hope you enjoyed your time there. Have a great week. Miss everybody at Reymontowka.

Carol said...

love it!! Hope you enjoyed your time there and have a great week. Miss y'all at Reymontowka.