Friday, August 24, 2012

Walking in Stillwater

Today I did a 5K Volksmarch in Stillwater. This is a small town set on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin. It is along the St. Croix River, and so is one of the older towns in Minnesota.

It started from the Ann Bean B & B. On a charming porch I found the box with the sign up sheet and all the information. It was simply lovely sitting on this porch.

There are a lot of 19th century homes in Stillwater, all in very good repair and all dressed up with correct paint colors. Stillwater was a place of lumber mills for the timber that was cut in the forests of Minnesota and Wisconsin and then floated down the river to Stillwater.

Within a short bit of walking I found myself at an overlook that provided a great view of the St. Croix.
From here I walked down a long, long flight of stairs to the river level. There must have been at least 100 steps. All I could think about is that later there must be a place to go up!

I walked along the river a bit and then indeed the route started to go up, and up indeed to Pioneer Park which had the same view, but from upstream of the bridge.

The guide map told me to pay attention to a nearby house, built with profits from selling blankets to the Union Army during the Civil War.
I walked my way out of the park and then to another set of stairs going down into a valley.

Eventually I got of the valley, but in an area where all street signs were missing due to street reconstruction. I walked in error for a bit and then got myself back on the route map and finally got to the nearly the end and what a reward -- the ice cream store.

This was called a "single serving cup." There were easily 50 flavors from which to choose. This is Mackinac Island Fudge. Very nice on a somewhat warm day. The only place to sit at this store is outdoors and thoughtfully there is a sink for washing up after eating this scrumptious dessert!

Found my way back to the end of the route and where I had left my car. A very nice walk. I went to all sorts of places in Stillwater that were new to me. And 5 K allowed me to finish off a 500 K book. Next time I start on a new 500 K record.

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