Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trying to Find the Night Owls

If you got here thinking it will be about birds, sorry.

Shepard Road in front of my building is used for many races and similar activities. This past week signs suddenly appeared saying the street would be closed between 7:00 - 11:00 PM on Saturday night. I couldn't figure out what would be taking place during those hours.

Coming home yesterday afternoon I caught a glimpse of a sign saying Night Owls, so I hit the computer to Google for information.

 I learned this was to be a non-competitive bike ride of either 14 or 21 miles depending upon the chosen route and starting no earlier than 7 PM from the State Capitol Building.

My older daughter and I started out around 7:30 thinking that was the earliest we would see any bike riders about here. Perhaps we should have gone a bit earlier. There were a lot riding down Shepard towards Crosby Park.

We crossed the street to enter the small garden associated with the Science Museum.

We found late summer flowers.

Oh, and we did see a few bike riders. I think this bike ride didn't get much publicity. Too bad, it was a beautiful night for a bike ride or a walk.

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