Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Learning Adventures

For this camp session I have eight students. They have a lot of vocabulary, but don't quite know how to use it. It is rather as if someone taught students the names of the tools for a carpenter, but neglected to show the students how to use the tools.

Today I had a worksheet that directed the students to make as many words as possible out of the word, woodpecker. One of my students really struggles, but his attitude is great, and his effort is 110%. I was trying to help him get some words and gave him the word, dock. He didn't know this word, and so I asked him where the alligator is sitting. He really looked puzzled, and said, "I no understand what you are talking about." So I told him to come with me and we walked to the pond and saw this scene.
 I could almost see the light bulb come on over his head. He said, "Alligator sit on dock over water." Yes, precisely!

And in case anyone is confused, there are not alligators in the pond! This is a product of the wood carvers who add to the beauty and fun of Reymontowka.

Another thing we do is use songs and dance. After the students work hard in three classes they are ready for a different type of learning activity in the 4th session. Here is Cotton-Eye Joe. I'm so very glad we have some young teachers and counselors who can teach this. This dance is quite beyond my skills and stamina.

 I hope you enjoy it!

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Lois B said...

Don't you love it when the light bulb comes on?