Saturday, July 28, 2012

Walking Around Warsaw

This post is about interesting things I saw in Warsaw. It doesn't have every museum or castle, just things that seemed interesting.

On Friday afternoon, July 20, when we were done with teaching our classes, my fellow volunteers and I took the train to Warsaw. We went to the Boutique B & B on Smolna where I have stayed many times. As soon as I had checked in I went back to a train station and went to visit with one of my former students. As his family was leaving the next morning for a vacation trip, my visit was short. I was back to Smolna by 8:00 PM or so, and interested in finding something to eat.

I noticed several new small restaurants on my route -- probably started to serve the Euro 2012 crowds, for this B & B is very close to the new Warsaw stadium. I ducked into a courtyard and found this interesting view of buildings.

I continued walking towards a main street in Warsaw and noticed this attractive railing on a building. I've been in this Coffee Heaven many times, but somehow never before noticed the railing on the building.

I found a Fiesta restaurant and ordered a quesadilla made with forest mushrooms -- a version I'm certain I could not find in the United States. While eating in a sidewalk cafe, this man was entertaining us.

Walking back to the B & B I noticed this on lamp post.

I thought it was a ghost. One of my fellow volunteers who is a medical technologist had a whole different idea on what this is -- but we both agreed it is cute!

The next morning I set out to explore in directions I had never before visited.

I went past the Palm Tree and continued south on Nowy Swiat. Yes, I've seen the Palm Tree many times, but today the sky and light was very perfect for this and other photos.

I found the Poland School for the Blind and Deaf.

The street turns into Al Ujazdowskie and looks like an embassy row. At Piekna Street I turned into Ujazdowskie Park. What a lovely place. At the entrance there is a sign explaining the park was renovated in 2010. It contains many commemorative statutes of famous Polish persons but it was the view of nature that took my eye.
First I found a very formal garden.

Then I found a children's play area.

And then this lovely pond.

The pond is crossed by a path and bridge. Look carefully and you will see a man in a white shirt taking a photo of a woman. This is almost easier to see if you look at the reflection view.

I started back towards the business district and decided to have a cup of coffee. I noticed that the menu had a fruit plate. That seemed perfect for 11:00 on Saturday morning.

From here I headed out to visit some museums that I've never seen.

My route took me by the Saxon Gardens.

Then I found some interesting reflections in a modern Warsaw building showing the older buildings across the street.

I happened upon a marker showing the Warsaw Ghetto Wall.

My reason for coming into this neighborhood was to visit the Jewish Historical Museum. I didn't think about it being Saturday and the Jewish Sabbath, so when I found it, it was closed. Nearby was the Museum of Independence.

Glad I found this. One of the exhibit concerned military uniforms from the early 19th century. The hats were terrific.

One can see paintings that show these actually being worn. Hard to believe. This is not at all only a Polish tradition. Napoleon's army was well decked out like this as well.

After visiting the museum I headed for Castle Square.

The light was perfect for pictures!

You can see walking around Warsaw is fun!

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