Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tarnow Adventure -- Part 3

About 4 PM I ventured our into very warm Tarnow for some more sight-seeing. I first noticed some charming views of buildings and walls.I was basically walking on the street that makes a circle around the Old Town area.

Next I found a monument to King Lotetki (probably not spelled entirely correctly and certainly the first letter is wrong because it is not an L but rather the Polish alphabet letter, Wa -- only that letter doesn't appear on an American keyboard.  This king is remembered in Tarnow because he issued the charter creating this city.  According to the In Your Pocket guidebook this monument was saved from destruction during World War II by convincing the Nazi soldiers that it was Goethe.
Next I found an interesting statute called Reading.

 I turned into a small square and the monument to an Unknown Soldier.

This is located in the Katyn Victims Square.

Continuing on I found this monument, here in remembrance of the first 728 people sent to Auschwitz. All were  from Tarnow, and most were considered Polish rather than Jewish, although at noted in other reports about Tarnow, the city had a significant Jewish population. Those were sent there later.
Here is some the detail on the monument.

Nearby in another square is a monument erected to remember the victims of Stalin violence.

Behind the figure shown above there are small designs showing some of the groups that fell under Stalin violence. Below is an example.

By this time I had wandered around the same area trying to find something I never found! But I did find some very good things. So I guess I had a good reason to go back to Tarnow.

I had a spot picked out for kolecja, so I went there. As readers may remember, it was HOT in Tarnow. I thought I was is heaven when my drink arrived with a glass of ice. This is most unusual in Poland, but perhaps a practice in Tarnow.

I had a great pasta dish at this restaurant and then went up the street for an ice cream. I sat down on the bench by the flowers just as do the people of Tarnow while they eat ice cream from this shop. Tarnow is a lovely town -- and the slogan of the tourist agency is "Come to Tarnow before the crowds do." I so glad I did!

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