Thursday, July 26, 2012

Today's Adventures

Today my lesson for my students was to put together cut-up sentences. Here's the work of two of my students. These students are 8 and 9 years old. They have studied English but are just beginning to put all the vocabulary they know into sentences, so I used this way to help them begin to understand sentence structures.

We have only two days of camp left and last evening was the camp wedding-- apparently a tradition in many camps for children in Poland. The children today seemed tired -- well we were too -- it was a rainy morning and would have been a nice one for sleeping late!

The girls who completed the assignment above got done with everything I had planned for Lesson 1 and then got busy with the white board. This is what I found later.

People often are surprised to find out I pay to volunteer. Well, truthfully I do get "paid" too! This photo will be a treasure. Glad I stuck my camera in my pocket before class today, because I'll have to erase this before tomorrow's lessons.

And a new experience! One of my students pulled out her mobile phone and wanted to take pictures of me leading the class in Hokey-Pokey.

If you look at the girl on the left you will see the mobile phone in her hand. In her other hand, she is holding her favorite stuffed giraffe. I could only reflect on how things have changed since I first came to Poland in 2002. Then we could only make a phone call by going to the post office. And WI-FI for either a computer or a mobile phone wasn't even a dream!

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