Monday, July 9, 2012

Tarnow Adventure -- Part 1

I spent this past weekend in Tarnow, Poland. I left the Zakopane area on Friday afternoon, about 2:15 PM, taking the public bus to Krakow along with another volunteer. Others had gone in a private van, but the bus ticket was only 20 PLN (less than $7.00) and fits a young adult's budget better than did a private van. We arrived in Krakow about 5 PM. I helped this volunteer find his hotel in Krakow, and then return to the train station and got a 17:43 train to Tarnow. The trip takes about 1.5 hours, for I was on the 2nd class train which stops at every village and town along the way. The train was also very crowded, mostly young adults who got off either in Bochnia or Tarnow.

I took a taxi to my hotel.

My room is one of those on the upper story.

Here is part of the beautiful stairwell to my room. I had a red carpet to my room all right -- and only 50 steps to climb! I also was given a remote control for the air conditioner in the room. Tarnow bills itself as the warmest city in Poland. Since we are experiencing a heat wave, that type of weather is a very mixed blessing. Others told me upon my return to Zakopane that they heard on TV and radio that Tarnow was the warmest place Saturday with a temperature of 34 Celsius-- it was hot, that's for sure and having a room air conditioner was quite a treat.

The furniture in my room had a very cool design.

The stairwells includes stained glass windows.

The guide book said also to pay attention to the train station, for it is also a very beautiful building. That is correct. When arriving getting to the hotel and having some dinner was on my mind. I took a bit of time when I was returning to Krakow to look about the train station.

Where do  you think these photos come from?

Logically, you might guess an art museum. But it's really the main room of the train station. And if I read the guide book correctly, in 2010, the city moved its art museum to other parts of the train station. I did not get to visit this, because it was closed upon my arrival and not open yet for the day when I left.

I thought the restaurant was beautiful too.

The cappuccino I got there was a work of art, too.

The food becoming available for obiad looked very good too.

Stayed tuned for more information about my Tarnow adventures.

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