Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Koscielsko Days

Our language camp is being held in a village, Koscielsko, near Zakopane. This is the first time I've been in this village. I have participated 4 times before in a language camp located within the city of Zakopane, and also did one based in Kiry, which is very close to where I'm these two weeks.

Our hotel is beautiful.

We marvel at the wonderful landscaping.

Here is the building in which we hold 4 classes, 2 on the ground level and 2 on the upper level. We also have space in the upper level for our teaching materials.Below is the walkway and a glimpse of the building in which events like a wesele is held, in fact there was one on Saturday night. My class meets on the end of this building. It's a lovely teaching location.

To one side of the yard there are two other small buildings. Below is a view of the side of the building

 Notice the satellite dish by window. That is my bathroom window. I'm lucky to have a corner room. that provides good ventilation and helped to make my room more comfortable during these first hot days. Usually our bus is parked below in the courtyard, but it was away with the campers when I took the photo.

As you see the photo, the building on left is used to display equipment associated with horses, such as bridles, collars and horse shoes. The building on the right is aviary. Birds such as pigeons are free to leave, but they return because there is a source for food and water. Some birds here are caged.

We teach all morning and then the kids so activities in the afternoon. Yesterday while they were gone I went to explore Koscielsko.

It wouldn't be Zakopane if there were not sheep.

and also hay stacks.

The weather at the beginning of our stay was very hot and humid, whereas last year we experienced unusually cold weather. Thus the views of the mountains are a bit hazy.

Not to my surprise, the village church is beautiful.

Americans who come to Poland the first time are always amazed by the beauty of the cemeteries. The one in this village is no exception.

While in the village center I went to the pastry shop for a cappuccino. Then I went to the grocery store and got some instant coffee, for much my surprise, my room has a hot pot, so I can make coffee or tea in my room. What luxury!

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