Thursday, July 19, 2012

Polish Night

It is a camp tradition that the students put on a Polish Night for their volunteer teachers. I love this event. Each one is different, creative, and fun!

As I was going through the manor house to the tent, a girl stopped me, dancing fast on her feet, saying, "I'm going to dance tonight." By her movements I thought something more than I knew about was planned, so I  asked her if it was a fast dance. She replied, "No, it's a slow dance, you have to hold hands and I don't what to call it." I'll always remember that description of the Polonaise. Here is a video -- long, but fun -- of the kids doing this dance.

This dance is done at formal events, such as wedding receptions or the 100 days dance before leaving high school, so for most of these children, it is their first time to do it. Near the end there is a young boy that seems to raise his hands in joy conveying the idea, "That's done.

Next we heard a presentation about Polish geography, history, and famous people.

They ended their performance with Kocham Cie Polsko.

We danced American dances after such as YMCA and Cotton--Eye Joe.

A great evening. 

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