Sunday, July 1, 2012

From Siedlce to Zakopane

I returned to Siedlce by train from Lublin on Friday afternoon, June 29.Dorota kindly met my train and my heavy should bag, made heavier by the addition of a jar of honey from the beekeeper farm and a box of plums in chocolate from the chocolate store in Lublin that I plan to share with the volunteers. I checked in Hotel Janusz and was given back my same lovely room. I rather quickly went out to my favorite, Cafe Brama, again to get a supper. I had been traveling over the time for obiad and I was really hungry.

Then I returned to the hotel and worked on processing photos and writing the blog entry below and catching up on e-mail.

I woke up at 4:30 on Saturday morning and just stayed up for Dorota was expected in about a bit more than an hour to take me to the bus to Zakopane. I was out the door a bit before 5:45 waiting the car. A little guy kept me company.

The bus arrived about the expected time and all started to walk towards it to load.

The bells at the Cathedral were chiming, announcing it was 6 AM.

We were away from Siedlce by 6:20 and traveled around 35 minutes arriving in Minsk Maz where we stopped at the cultural center and picked up more student campers. Then we turned on the highway south to Krakow. About 45 minutes later we stopped for one more camper and for a toilet/refreshment break.

What a difference 12 years makes. I came to Poland the first time in 2002 and a cup of coffee was not to be found. Here at the gas station I paid at the counter for my cappuccino and then wandered over to a machine to make it myself.

 When one travels in Poland this time of year, one sees poppies in the fields and ditches. I was able to get this photo of poppies during one of the stops on the trip.

We arrived in Krakow about 2 PM, found 2 volunteers immediately, and then another two, and waited for the plane from Paris to arrive. We also found a student camper from Latvia. Missing was one American volunteer. Finally, it was learned he had never left the United States, arriving at an airport in Spokane, WA to begin his trip to Poland unfortunately a day late. (He is finally expected in Zakopane on Monday night.)

After an hour of driving the Tatra mountains began to appear.

We are now based at the Cztery Pory Roku hotel. (Four Seasons). It has been recently built and is just lovely. Stay turned for some photos of the hotel and its decor. And stay tuned for language camp adventures.

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