Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Muffin Making

Yesterday we sang the muffin song again. Today we were playing hangman and about at the close of the first class I took over the whiteboard and put in the word muffin. When one of the kids guessed muffin, I asked what it was. The kids had no clue. Then I told them we would be baking muffins for the second class. We drew slips to determine who would make the chocolate chip, banana nut, blueberry, and lemon poppy seed muffins. They had great fun mixing them up. The kitchen staff were very helpful with the baking.

While they were baking one of the children took the package for a muffin mix and pointed out it said, 3 minutes. I explained it was three minutes for the stirring up, and showed her the back where it said the baking was 16-21 minutes. I made them wait through the 30 minute long break we take each morning before eating. This was indeed the first time I had all the kids back to class 10 minutes before the end of break, but I made them wait anyway!

At lunch my fellow volunteers asked me about the muffins, and I told them the "muffines are now past tense." 25 muffins quickly disappeared when divided between 7 children, 2 counselors and the camp director.

Yesterday I got a treat, too. We went for the afternoon to Kazimiercz Dolny, one of my favorite Polish towns.

Sorry to say I must leave on Saturday, but last evening I counted on my fingers and it is only 10 months until I come back!

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