Thursday, July 31, 2008

Manor House Adventures

Today after the classes we went to visit the manor house in Sucha. It is being restored by the present director of Lacenski Park -- apologies to Polish readers -- an English language keyboard doesn't spell the name of the park correctly. The house has had huge restoration after the detoriation during the Communist days. It had painted designs on the ceilings of some rooms. This is a beautiful feature I've not seen in other old houses. The property now includes several other old houses moved from elsewhere in nearby Poland. All and all, it is was very interesting.

Then we stopped at a privately owned manor house. The caretaker called the owner in Warsaw and he said we could tour the house if we signed the guestbook. This is also a beautiful house. The present owner has been working on restoration for about four years. It is now nearly restored on the first floor with construction continuing on the upper floor and in other buildings on the property. It was interesting to see the blend of old and new. This house has beautiful tile stoves, and right next are Fisher-Price children's toys. Nice to see a beautiful manor house that is a home, too.

Tomorrow is our last teaching day, and alas I'll be flying home on Saturday. I'd love to stay longer!

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David said...

We, absolutely, must meet next year when you are in Poland.
You have taken pictures, I am sure. Can you send them to me?