Friday, July 4, 2008

Photography Adventures

Yesterday, July 3, most of the student campers and three of the volunteers, left at 8:30 to go climb the mountain,Giewont. The rest of us walked to the area of town that has ski jumps. Much to our delight, there were jumpers out practicing. Obviously there is no snow, but as probably everyone knows there are ways to use surfaces that make the jump slippery in the summer. We could not see the landing place but thought perhaps hay or other types of padding are at the bottom. Then we walked to a branch of the Tatra Museum. Much to my delight it held an exhibition from an international wildlife photographers contest. The photos were terrific! They were also a good source of English conversation.

I walked back to the hotel with camp staff and had a bit of a conference about becoming the substitute team leader while Dorota moves onto another camp about 25 minutes away next week.

In the afternoon we walked to a market area I've not seen yet this year. What a change in 6 years, and perhaps not the best in my opinion. Six years ago it was truly native crafts. Now I'm guessing most everything is either machine made or comes from China. Also six years ago no one spoke English and now even when I ask in Polish, the response comes back in English.

In the evening we enjoyed a Polish tradition, bonfire. The traditional Polish way is to roast kielbasa and sing songs. We had enough supplies from American volunteers that each camper could make a S'More. A nice evening.

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