Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 2 in Zakopane teaching

The four teaching hours whizzed by. I brought a book of photos that I had taken about St. Paul and then converted into a Shutterfly scrapbook.We spent some time looking at that. Things happen mysteriously. I had photos of houses, churches, schools, and now I have one student who wants to be an architect and he is delighted to see pictures of buildings.

During the second half one of the American teens, who came with a grandparent, brought his high school year book and the 4 teens talked about how things are the same and different in their schools. We started the second half at 11:00 AM, and I was astonished when Drew looked at this watch and said, "It's 12:45."

During the afternoon many went for a lovely hike in the mountains, but I did my hiking on the Zakopane streets. To my delight I've discovered I'm in a country where my feet are right. I went into a shoe store rather like Famous Footwear where one wanders around and tries things on. In Famous Footwear I can perhaps find 1 pair that fits. I can never do the deal with half price off on the 2nd pair. In this shoe store nearly everything fits!

In the evening several us went for a long walk again through the Zakopane streets. The sun is shining again for our third day. I'm sure there will be more wonderful adventures.


Barb said...


I had never been to a blog spot before, nor posted a comment. It is enjoyable to read the daily journal of your travels and experiences.

Happy travels,

Bonnie said...

It's wonderful to be able to follow along with you on your discoveries. I'm looking forward to reading more!