Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Start of the Teaching Adventure

Yesterday we started our teaching days. I have three students, one young man and two young women. The young man wants to go to Warsaw Polytechnic to become an architect (if there are words spelled wrong, sorry, the spell check is working only in Polish and I get some funny results!), and the two young women are interested in economics. Two of them have studied English for 10 years and 1 for 4 years. We can easily talk.

In the afternoon the group was scheduled for a hike. I decided I wanted to walk to the shops and get some notebooks. By the time all of this was arranged the typical afternoon rain had rolled in. I did do my shopping, and then stopped at McDonald's for Coke zero with ice. This costs about $1.35. About two doors later I noticed a sign that said manicure so I followed it to a very lovely salon. They gave me a manicurist immediately. I overlooked a large window and another wave of rain rolled in. Better to spend that time getting my nails done! Walked back to the hotel and planned lessons for Tuesday. Then it was dinner time. About 8 PM some of us walked a couple of blocks to a winegarnia. My roommate has traveled extensively in Eastern Europe and knew to order Gerogian red. Oh my was it good. Back to the hotel about 11 PM and I surely slept well.

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