Friday, July 4, 2008

Kids are cute!

Today is July 4 -- a holiday for most of you that may read this blog. We taught our regular classes for 2.5 hours and then did a program explaining what is the July 4 holiday. Then each of us shared something about our states. By the middle of the day it was pouring rain. Late this afternoon the rain let up a bit and I went out to the fruit stand and then also to check out a shop with nice crafts rather than tourist bric-a-brac. I ended up with a cute ceramic frog that has a tongue made with a 1 gorcz coin. When I got back to the lobby I encountered a boy and his mother who have been staying at the hotel and eating at a table next to us.

Most of the time this 6 year old has been carrying an Eeyore. Yesterday when he had something different -- a little ceramic sheep-- a very characteric souvenier of Zakopane, I asked about Eeyore. He had no idea what I was asking about. He knows the animal as an osciol -- Polish people forgive my spelling - I'm aiming for the word that mean donkey. I tried to explain to him that he was a boy but he also had a name. Eeyore was a donkey, but Eeyore was his name. Oh! Then he explained he has a hamster at home, the osciol, and now this new little sheep and the name of each one is Brut. Today when I showed him my zaba (frog), I asked if I could call him Brut. The boy said no, and explained my animals are not in his animal family! Kids are cute everywhere.

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