Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Muffin Making

Yesterday we sang the muffin song again. This morning we were playing hangman and towards the close of the first class, I took the white board and gave them the word, muffin. When one of the children finally solved the puzzle, I asked them what a muffin was. As I guessed, no one had a clue. Then I explained we would make muffins during the second class. We drew for partners in making chocolate chip, banana nut, lemon-poppy seed, and blueberry muffins.

The kids did a good job. I'm pleased to say that no one looking at the patio now would guess it was a muffin kitchen this morning. The kitchen staff graciously helped with the baking and they were very patient with the kids running in asking if the muffins were done.

I made them wait to eat them until after the mid-morning long break, partly because the muffins needed to cool. This was the first time I had children back 10 minutes early for English class. 25 muffins quickly disappeared when divided between 7 children, 2 counselors, and the camp director.

Yesterday I got a treat as good as muffins. We spent the afternoon in one my favorite Polish towns, Kazimiercz Dolny. This week we are having perfect summer weather. Alas, I must go home on Saturday, but it is only 10 months until I come back again.

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