Thursday, July 3, 2008

Continuing adventures

Day 3 teaching went just fine. We played a game called Talking Cards. The kids draw a card from a deck and then answer a question such as: What is your favorite book? or Describe your favorite teacher. We had a free afternoon and I wandered about in search of another English book for bedtime reading. Then I passed by a sidewalk cafe and couldn't stop myself from staying for the wonderful ice cream and a cold Diet Coke. After dinner we walked to nearby restaurant/tavern that had live mountain Polish music. All the Polish women/teachers and I had the traditional beer for Polish women, beer with raspberry syrup. Tastes better than it sounds. And is the way that most Polish women drink beer.

Often people ask "Why do you go there?" Well, perhaps my adventures now give back the answer, "Why don't you go there? " Hey, this is way fun. And I truly think better than the standard touring. After all would I ever have learned to put the raspberry syrup in beer on a traditional touring schedule with other Americans?

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