Sunday, July 27, 2008

Into the Weekend Adventures

Friday at last brought sunshine! I had my class outdoors for one class. We played the flyswatter game. This involves placing cards with words on the ground about a large space. The children then have to find the called word and hit it with flyswatter to claim it and then bring it to the teacher to check that it is the correct word. I've been working on colors and shapes so they had to find phrases such as black circle or red square or green rectangle. I also tried to teach Ships Across the Ocean, but the children couldn't get the idea of running and tagging a player.

On Friday afternoon we relaxed. It was wonderful to sit on the patio and simply read. I also enjoyed watching the dance class.

The evening activity was Blind Date or as we would call it in the US -- The Dating Game. I noticed the sunset was unusually beautiful and went in quest of some photos. When I returned, much to my surprise, the tent was empty. I learned the kids had become so mischievous, that the head counselor ended the evening activity very early and sent them off to their rooms.

On Saturday at 9 AM we all set off for Warsaw. The children went to a movie and then the zoo. We volunteers went to the Warsaw Uprising Museum and then spent some time in Old Town and walking along some of the more important Warsaw streets to see buildings such as the President's Home, here also called the White House.

Saturday evening was simply a perfect summer evening. Tennis seemed to occupy a large group of the children. I learned, however, after I went to my room, the children did talk the counselors into some disco time.

Today Sunday is quiet and slow. Many parents will come to visit. I'm occupied this morning with putting together materials for at least Monday and Tuesday.

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