Thursday, August 7, 2008

End of the Poland adventures

On Friday morning the camp director came in asking if we would mind teaching one less English class so that the theatre and dance teachers could have the students practice for the final program. Their time usually was during the same hours that the program would be today. My answer, Bless you.

So I had my students primarily practice for their final program from their English class. Then for two hours we had a scavenger hunt prepared. The questions or commands varied from "Collect 15 white stones" to "What shape in the kuchina sign on the outside door?"

During the break I managed to get some laundry started so I could bring home more clean clothes than smelly clothes.

The scavenger hunt was great fun to watch. During the afternoon I got packed up and then went to take a shower at 4 PM to get ready for a 5 PM dinner, and hopefully to have my hair dry before going to bed. Even with a hair dryer, it takes awhile to get my hair dried.

The final program was wonderful as usual. The students presented us each with a T-shirt showing Reymontowka as the Heart of Europe and then cities elsewhere in Europe that are their partner cities. I was pleased to get this for while I remembered that my 2007 German students came to Poland was Oberhavel, I could not remember the city for the French students. Now it's on my shirt-- Nevers.

My students sang "Do you know the Muffin Man" with the third verse being: We are the muffin kids who dwell in Siedlce town." I had brief comments translated to explain that we had made muffins during camp. Else I figured out that the parents would not know why we had the sung this song. The second song was "If you're Happy---" only we added a verse, "If you're happy and you know, shout "Sto Lot."

The next morning the alarm went off at 5:30, breakfast at 6:00 and we were off to the airport by 6:30 AM. We got there about 8:00, just at the right time to check in three volunteers to a Lufthansa flight that left at 10:05. They were relieved for Lufthansa was on strike part of last week.

Then I wandered over to Terminal 1 and got myself checked in for the flight first to Amsterdam. I had enough time to wander back to Terminal 2 and meet one of the incoming volunteers for the next camp. She came from Wisconsin, so the midwesterners are representing themselves quite well this summer.

My KLM flight left a bit late from Warsaw due to "traffic congestion." I had to hustle at Amsterdam to make my flight to Minnesota, but did it with 10-15 minutes spare. I had a wonderful seat mate who also had been in Poland. She, too, was glad to have someone to talk with about Poland. She immigrated to the U.S. with her family when she was 2 years old and has gone back 2-3 times yearly since then. She said, too, her friends don't understand why she likes Poland.

We got to Minnesota about 30 minutes early. I got through immigration and customs without any problems and my daughter picked me up and got me home. I didn't last too much longer after that, for I had not slept on the flight at all. My body thought it was 1 AM. The flight schedule I did this time is so much better for getting onto the right schedule. This is how I'll do it in the future. Changing in Amsterdam is SO MUCH better than Chicago.

Not necessarily happy to be back home!

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