Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Polish Train Adventure

On several travel web sites I've found questions about riding the trains in Poland. People seem to view this with trepidation. Thus, I'm offering some photos. Yesterday I explained that I stayed at the Hotel Hetman. That placed me a 5 minute walk from the Siedlce West station. The train from there to Warsaw is a local train, it stops everywhere and is only 2nd class. However, it is very comfortable. I've added a picture that shows that stations are clearly marked. Also I've added a sign that shows that the EU is funding improvements in the Polish train system. I did see some new, sleek trains while waiting at the Warsawa Polwisle station. It was explained to me that ironically these new trains are being manufactured in Siedlce, but one hasn't yet been assigned to the Warsaw to Siedlce route. Again, I'll say though that the train was comfortable. I also took the train from Siedlce West to Torun. I did that all 2nd class as well. It was perfectly comfortable and led me to have some wonderful interactions with Polish people. I hope by naming this post as Polish Train it will make it come up in searches when people are concerned about riding trains in Poland.

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