Saturday, August 9, 2008

Eating Adventures

I think one of the misconceptions Americans have about Poland is that it is still a developing (sometimes called yet by people I know as a third world) country. Yes, Poland has been running fast to change conditions from pre-1989. What most don't appreciate is how good the food is.

The bottom picture is from an afternoon snack in Zakopane that I "forced" myself to eat while relaxing for an hour until I could get a manicure. This is a nalenski (sorry if I have mispelled this word -- I know it well enough to get them when I want them!). The top picture is from my choice while stopping at a sidewalk cafe in the Warsaw Old Town area.

What I'm not showing are treats such as tomatoes that really taste like tomatoes -- I have to keep reminding myself to eat them, as I usually avoid them at home since they are now mostly tasteless. Also bread that is heavenly, soups are unbelievable, and I can't overlook my favorite candy -- krowki!

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