Saturday, August 18, 2012

From Europe to Minnesota

Well, a week ago I was in Amsterdam, having flown there from Warsaw. I had intended to take the train to the city central and have dinner, but I was tired when I arrived. All of us on Saturday morning complained we had not slept well. I felt like I had flown all night instead of just for two hours in the afternoon. So after checking into Citizen M -- love it by the way -- I walked back to Schipol Plaza
and had a hamburger.
It really tasted good. Notice the fries are served in a paper cone.

The next morning I flew back to Minnesota.

Oh, the fun of jet lag! I've not felt tired, but rather couldn't get back on a Minnesota schedule. I kept waking up around 3 AM unable to get back to sleep.

On Monday I took a walk around the area to see what has been  happening.

 The river is no longer at flood stage and so the fountain is running. I don't know what the fountain designer had in mind, but this always makes me think of grain moving on  conveyor belts.

The river looks beautiful, too.

As are the flower baskets.

On Thursday I went to a performance at the Showboat.

 The actors meet the audience as they arrive, dressed in 19th century clothing.

It's called the Centennial Showboat because this theater started in 1958, the year Minnesota celebrated its 100th anniversary as a state.

Meanwhile real life as intervened -- problems with my car, having to renew my nursing license, having to renew my driver's license, and getting courses ready for Fall Semester.

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