Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Huge Surprise

For two reasons -- First I wrote about the surprise and then managed to delete it. So perhaps you will think you have read this before and you may have.

Now to the real surprise.

Polish Night is a tradition of the Reymontowka Language camps. The students practice dances, make posters, and prepare presentations about Polish geography, history, and notable persons. I felt quite badly they were going through all of this work for our team of only two -- since we are both experienced volunteers and have participated in language camps several times.

Then I walked into the tent and found people I had known at previous language camps, here just for the other volunteer and me -- to give us a bit of honor for serving many times. This almost brought me to tears. One was a former camp director, now taking a bit of rest after directing summer camps for 20 years! The other were two very accomplished young men who are excellent musicians. One is a camper I have known since he was about 8 years old. What a joy to see him now nearly an adult.

We had a wonderful evening. The campers again did a version of the polonaise. You may see this on my previous entry about Polish Night with a date of July 19. The students also sang Kochem Cie Polkso and you can also see a performance of this on the July 19 blog.

When the student part of the evening's presentations were completed, we were given a treat of a short concert.  All of the above guests performed several times. What a wonderful treat.


The evening closed with Hey Skoly -- not written correctly for I have an American keyboard. I found out later this song was in the evening's activities because they remembered it as one of my favorites.
Here is part of the celebration:

What a great time. And it wasn't over. Then were guests for late evening refreshments and conversation.

This will be an evening to remember for a very long time.

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