Monday, August 13, 2012

How Ethnocentric Can We Get?

Yesterday I flew back to Minnesota from Amsterdam. This flight was at 10:25 AM and the airport was very busy everywhere.

When I got to passport control I saw big signs for self-service passport, but this turns out to be a new innovation for those holding EU identification. So I headed for the All Passports line. By me were Americans loudly asking, "Where's the line for the USA?" I loudly answered back, "We go in the all passports line." Do some Americans really expect we get special treatment?

We don't give it. The choice for passport control here in Minnesota is for U.S citizens or visitors.

And then some were loudly complaining how slow it was. Well, I guess 4 minutes in line might seem slow, but if  you don't like it, don't travel at the very height of the vacation season. Many Europeans take vacation in August, so the lines for travel activities are long in August. Go in September if you want shorter lines.

Most Americans act like good guests. The ones who don't seem to have to do it loudly!

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