Monday, January 19, 2009

Adventures in Grandparenting

This is coming yet another time. My younger daughter will be having her third child in June. Today I went with her for an ultrasound. We had the experience of working with a very skilled ultrasound technician. We saw everything, from the kidneys of the baby to the tiny little fingers almost looking as if they were waving at us. I could see all that easily and am glad the technican was skilled, because I couldn't make the distinction on what is expected. The technician was confident that it is a girl. We are all pleased with this news.

I asked on the drive back if there was any idea about a name. I made a pitch for a name that didn't have an odd e in it. Both my other grandchildren have a name that includes an e that is sounded like an a. Guess I won't get that wish because the name I heard has that kind of e again, plus a middle name with a double ll that will be pronounced in the Spanish way.

Well it's going to be an interesting time until early June for many reasons.

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