Sunday, January 11, 2009

Survival Adventures

Our annual trip through temperatures around -15 Farenheit are in the forecast. I did my best to get ready for that. My washing machine doesn't work so that means a trip to the laundromat and today when it's +20 is better than later this week when the temperture is well below zero. I made a trip through the grocery store and have everthing to live very well for the coming week. I stopped on the way home from church and topped up the gas tank so there will be no need to stand out in the cold this coming week to pump gas. Last task -- get the trash out so no need for a trip later this week to the curb. Tomorrow is recyling day and that should happen before the worst of the cold arrives.

The last survival activity takes place daily -- my bathtub sits along an exterior wall. When the temperature falls this low, it's necessary to run the shower a bit before getting in to warm the porcelein! And a trick Minnesota women know -- stop wearing pierced ear rings. Temperatures this low cool the post and gives one a very strange feeling as the cold rockets through an ear lobe.

And with gratitude -- our university library shares a building with a public library branch. So after I get myself to work, I can get to the library for new books or DVDs by a combination of walking through tunnels and then over the skyway -- no need to go outdoors!

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