Saturday, November 8, 2008

Photography Adventures with the Stork

The change of seasons made me think of the storks I saw this summer in Poland during my stay at Reymontowka. I imagine the stork is now enjoying warm weather somewhere in Africa. At Reymontowka, there is a nest board on the historic cottage. Of course, the storks decided instead to build their nest on one of the lodging buildings. I could not believe it, when the first time I was being driven to Reymontowka, I heard there were storks in the area. Since then I have seen them in the fields many times, as well on chimneys at nearby farms.

This summer gave our best view when a pair decided to nest at Reymontowka. I watched for days and days following advice to up and about at 6:30 AM. Then while doing a teaching activity my students on the patio, I suddenly got this view of the stork instead in the mid-morning. The approach of winter is a good time to begin to relive summer memories. I'll be back in 7.5 months -- not that I'm counting.

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