Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Real Adventure

Still working on editing pictues from my summer trip in Poland. I have called this a "real' adventure because these are the colors of that July evening, not a Photoshop invention. We were watching a kids' program at language camp when I saw the color of the sunset. I excused myself saying this was simply too good to miss.

The house is just up the road from Reymontowka. For me it is a special house because I watched its building progress from between 2004 to 2007. My team members in 2007 were all new to Reymontowka and couldn't/didn't share in my delight in seeing it all done. Seeing the changes over time is one of the things I've enjoyed during my various trips to Poland.

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Jonah said...

Hi Lori! Somehow I completely forgot to bookmark your blog and now I have so much to read through. It will make for great reading while I recover.

Thanks so much for keeping up so regularly with Groinstrong!