Saturday, November 15, 2008

Planning Adventures

I've made all my hotel reservations for Summer 2009 in Poland. I intend to fly into Warsaw on June 24 and have reservations to stay at the Boutique Bed and Breakfast on ul. Smolna. I made this reservations by e-mail during the past 12 hours. What would we do without e-mail?

I'll have my same room back. Here's a photo of it.


Anonymous said...

May I ask how much the room cost and what the email addrss of the BB is ????


Lori said...

You may find complete information about this bed and breakfast including prices by going to:

The room price includes a very delicious breakfast. It is definitely a Polish breakfast, but there is a great variety in choices, and a plus-- great coffee. I enjoy meeting other guests at breakfast -- they come from everywhere. The owner usually joins breakfast to answer questions guests may have about their touring plans or general questions about Poland. The location is great. And the bed and breakfast offers transportation from the airport, or will make you a safe and secure taxi reservation to the bed and breakfast from the airport