Sunday, November 16, 2014

Adding fun with cookies

Photo: Finishing up the last 2 containers this morning!

From Thursday to Saturday afternoon volunteers gathered at the Mano a Mano warehouse in Saint Paul to pack out supplies for shipment to Bolivia. Altogether three containers were packed. This picture above shows some of this effort.

On Thursday I baked cookies and took them along. During the afternoon  I worked with others to pack about 5 boxes, the size of those shown above, of hospital linens and gowns. On Friday I took along some store bought cookies and then came home and made chocolate chip cookies and took them over too. The cookies disappeared quickly and so I baked even more on Saturday. I received a very nice thank you e-mail for the cookies saying they added "fun."

I saw first hand in March how important this volunteer work is. Look for if you want more info.

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