Thursday, January 8, 2015

Driving Test on a Cold, Cold Day

In late December, when I was at a medical appointment related to my cataract surgery, the receptionist brought my granddaughter (who was my driver that day) back to the room where I was with a question -- "Can I take my driving license test on January 7?" Sounded good to me and now you may wonder why she was my driver in December. She had a learning permit, meaning she could drive when a licensed driver over 21 years old was in the car with her. And it was a life-saver to me that she is living with me, because I don't know who else could have done the driving for me associated with the cataract surgery.

Well, who knew that January 7 would turn out to the (hopefully) the coldest day of the winter. I say hopefully because we are all hoping it will never be colder this winter. The temperature was -8 F (-22 C) when we set out. The roads were in good condition and we arrived without any problems.

The photo above shows a truck in the background. This is because this exam station also does driving tests for those seeking to obtain a license to drive trucks.

My granddaughter had an appointment for 10:40. When we arrived we were the third car in line to meet with the "dispatcher."  The first car took forever to check in, the next one quickly. We were a bit slower, but no one behind me. My granddaughter had lost her learning permit and had only the paper copy one carries after asking for a duplicate copy -- which had not yet arrived by this date. Soon we were in the line to wait for an examiner.

I thought perhaps some would have cancelled out because of the weather, but it looked like everyone showed up. I think we waited about 15 minutes for my granddaughter's turn. The day before we had filled the gas tank so we could leave the engine run -- and most particularly the car heater run -- without an anxiety about the level of the gas tank.

While she was driving with the examiner I waited in a small waiting room within the driving exam office. I saw her come back eventually and then park and talk a long time with the examiner. Then a text message arrived: I didn't pass. I was feeling so bad as I walked back to the car, only to find when I got there she was on the phone to her mom exclaiming she had passed. The text was a tease. Can't say I enjoyed it.

We drove to the customer parking area and then walked into the building. She filled out an application and then paid a bit more than $22.00 for her license which will last until she is 21 years old. She got a deduction on the cost of her license because she has not had any driving violations associated her permit driving time.

So another hurdle toward adulthood accomplished!

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