Thursday, June 25, 2015

Adventures with Arthritis

My blog has been quiet because primarily I've been quiet. As I wrote while in Poland, my right leg became very painful. When I got home I saw the orthopedics office again and was told the first diagnosis of hip flexor strain was out the window, and I have arthritis, instead, to live with forever.

That wasn't good news. The doctor wanted me to try a new med regime for control and told me it might take 2 month to know if it was working. I couldn't imagine living with that much pain for 2 months. So that very day a cortisone injection was put into my right knee. That plus a new med regime for dealing with pain has been helpful, but I'm a long way from normal.

Tonight I did a three block walk, starting to work on walking 30 minutes every day. It took me 19 minutes from the time I walked out of the apartment door until I returned. Before this I could walk a 5k in about one hour depending on how many photos I had to take during the walk. Now it is nearly 20 minutes just for 3 blocks!  I sure would like to get the leg rehabbed enough to get back to doing a 5 k walk!

So basically the blog has been silent because I've not been doing much.

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