Wednesday, August 5, 2015

An Evening Stroll out the Front Door of Reymontówka

One of my fellow Global Volunteers said yesterday, " Reymontówka is such a special place." Oh, I agree. At the completion of my stay here for this language camp I will have "lived" here for 49 weeks, so in very many ways it feels like home to me. 

The beauty of Reymontówka is one of the things that makes it so special.  Here are some photos I took on a recent evening stroll out the front door -- and with my gimpy leg a short stroll is about all I can do, so it is wonderful to see so much beauty in such a short distance. 

 When standing on the steps leading to the front door, this is the view -- the lovely circle flower bed. At the far left of the picture and in the 9:00 position one can glimpse the front gate. During language camps this gate is closed for the protection of children who may be running about. The tree is covered with bird houses.

If one is standing near the front gate this is the view of the manor house, Reymontówka.

Two pictures below show the beautiful flowers in more detail. 

The photo above shows detail from the opposite side of the front door. Presently flags are there for Poland, the European Union, and the United States. The United States flag is there right now because the language camps are a program of Global Volunteers which is an organization based in Minnesota. When events happen at Reymontówka that include guests from other countries the flag stand is modified, but of course the Polish and EU flags are always there. 

In the photo above on the far right at the 3:00 position there is a glimpse of another building. This building has two parts joined together with a small arcade. One part is an art gallery and the other part of the building are bedrooms. 

Above is a photo that shows the two wood-carved figures in greater detail. They hold a sign which provides a brief overview of the history of the manor house. 

And in a tree-lined alcove to the left of the manor house is this wood-carving. 

This wood carving has been here for perhaps now about 5 years. What cannot be seen in the picture is a bench and on the bench there is one line of music carved into the bench back from one of Chopin's composition. 

This brief stroll hopefully shows you why Reymontówka is such a special place.

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This is such a lovely and representative reflection on the beautiful Reymontowka, Lori! You're as much a member of the community as Reymontowka is your "home." We're so grateful for your sustained service and promotion of this amazing program! - Michele Gran