Monday, January 4, 2016

Mundane Adventures

Life is not always travel and fun. Once in awhile the mundane things must be done -- and today, the first business day of 2016 was a indeed a mundane day.

First, I had a dental appointment. I knew I had a chipped crown and wanted to start any repair so it would not spoil my plans for going to Poland as a broken crown did last year. Good news, yes there is a chipped crown but it doesn't have to be fixed. But the dentist decided to do a fluoride varnish to keep my dental status as healthy as possible, this effort to help me manage the inflammation bothering my knees. Because of the varnish I couldn't eat or drink for one hour. Breakfast around 10:00 AM now seemed a long time ago, now that it was 1:30 in the afternoon.

So I adjusted my plans and went to do some shopping first at Target. Needed to get some things and walking around shopping counts towards the goal of walking at least 30 minutes everyday. Long lines at the check out because only 4 lanes were open.

And then finally I got to lunch at 3:15.

Walking about felt cold today. Winter may be arriving!

I searched out the address and hours for a nearby library branch, but when I got there I found no place to park. So I headed for the Dayton's Bluff library match feeling confidant I would find a parking place there. Got there and selected books. When checking them out I noticed books I had returned last week were still associated with my account. The desk attendant took the titles and said he would call the Highland branch -- where I left these books -- and figure out what had happened.

I am already distressed when people trash public employees. Our world turns nicely because so many of them do a very high quality of work.

So mundane!

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