Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Easter Brunch

My older daughter and I enjoy brunch at the Nicollet Island Cafe. The restaurant is located within the Nicollet Island Hotel, logically enough on Nicollet Island.

Our view from the table was of the bridge that crosses from the Island to an area known as Old Main.

 I like this brunch because it is served at the table rather than making one walk through a buffet line.

The first course beverages and pastries. We both chose coffee; I didn't want anything alcoholic because I don't drink and drive. My daughter likes cream and sugar with her coffee, but never before has she had a chance to brown sugar cubes wit h coffee.

For the next courses we each had a choice between three different things.

My daughter chose the pancakes with blueberries which included edible flowers -- another first experience for her.

I had a slice of quiche with a bit of salad.

For the next course my daughter chose the asparagus salad while I had the pea soup. This soup always makes me feel like I'm in Europe.

In the next course I chose the meatballs.

My daughter chose the mushroom gnocchi.

The dessert was a slice of cake with rhubarb sauce. If there had been another choice I would have taken it for I really don't like rhubarb.

But anyway we had a lovely morning. Hope you all enjoy seeing some brunch choices from Minnesota.

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