Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Changing Adventures

My best adventures lately have been changing adventures. I will end a 3 year term as Department Chair at the end of this academic year. I am ending a 6 year term as Chair of Admissions at the end of this academic year as well. I'm ending a 2 year term as IFO College Covenor and member of the IFO Council (faculty governance work) at the end of this academic year. I will have to end a 2 year term as a member of the University Assessment Committee because a large share of this group's work is done in January, and I have a sabbatical for second semester next year.

I've taken on being the faculty representative on the committee planning the inauguaration of our new University president on October 2. While some on this committee have done this multiple times, this will be my one and only time for such an adventure.

It feels good to be getting to the end of the line on some jobs that are much more thankless than rewarding.

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