Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Observations on the way to work

Today I worked at home all morning and then came to work for a retirement celebration this afternoon at which I must speak for 1.5 minutes. Really worth expending 30 minutes of driving and carbon load!

I saw a bank along the road well in bloom with dandelions. It brought back a memory. In the programs I do in May in Poland, I see the same thing. One volunteer said, "Oh, they have them, too." I laughed and said, "Where do you think ours came from?" It's amazing sometime how ethnocentric Americans can be!

And I noticed a car that passed me had a bumper sticker that said: Impeach Obama! First time I've seen that. It only made me think he must be doing something right.

Addendum: Later in the day I attended a reception for those retiring this year from the University. One of the speakers said, "you know you are doing something right when you make someone angry when doing public policy work."

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