Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crashed Ice

 Update: The finasl of Crashed Ice being held on this evening, January 14, will be broadcast on NBC sometime  on  January 21.

Today I had a meeting in Minneapolis and in driving back from it debated which freeway exit to take. Decided to take the Marion/Kellogg exit. Big mistake. I ended up in the traffic jam associated with Crashed Ice. I forgot it started today.

Never heard of Crashed Ice? It's a fairly new sport and this is another event sponsored by Red Bull.

Here is the city promo video for it.

I'm not going -- the crowds are immense. And due to the warm weather we've been having, the event planners had to refrigerate the track to keep it from melting. Today the weather changed -- great for Crashed Ice -- not good for a long walk. The temperature all day was around 12 F (which I think is about -12 C -- hey that's an easy one to remember). And the wind is really blowing -- up to 40 mph -- which makes it seem even colder. I'm planning some different activities for the next couple of days!

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