Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Driving Adventure

Early this week I received a call asking if I would drive an elderly woman, 20 years older than me,  to church since I lived somewhat close to where she lives now. She had recently moved to assisted living because of short memory issues. This morning I received a call from her introducing herself and saying she was looking forward to going to church. I found this on my visual voice mail about 4 hours later because I forgot my phone in my purse and the battery went dead. I called her back and said I would be there at 4 -- yes 4 PM, as we were planning to go to the 4:30 PM service.

I arrived at 4 and she said had been trying to find my name and phone number to tell she thought she'd rather take a nap, but we went to church.

So glad we did because she got to see good friends and also got to write a note to another good friend wishing her a wonderful 100th birthday.

The memory problems were apparent. She asked on the way if I was working and I told her I was retired. We discussed where I used to work because she has some work history there, too. Then when I left her this evening, she wished me a good day at work tomorrow.

I have some idea about what was her career and the contributions to this city, so it was indeed an honor to give her just a bit of help today.

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