Sunday, October 6, 2013

If You Dont' Like the Weather, Wait a Minute

Boy! that was true today. I had expected rain so was delighted to see bright sunshine when I awoke this morning. And glad for the sunshine because it is the day of the Twin Cities Marathon and it would not fun for the runners to be out there in cool rain. By 10:00 AM I couldn't stand to be inside anymore and decided to take myself out for breakfast.

Glad I did for when I was seated at a table in my chosen restaurant, I spotted one of my former Minnesota Department of Health colleagues out for breakfast with his three grandchildren. They were keeping him busy, so I didn't interrupt. Then one of the children pointed to the TV monitor over my head, and of course, he saw me. It was indeed fun to say hi again.

By the time I had finished breakfast -- 11:45 or so, light rain had begun. I decided however to stay in that neighborhood and do some book store shopping --one Christmas present purchased. No rain when I left, but my car was wet.

By 1:30 in the afternoon the sun as shining again. Then at 3:00 when I looked out, the world seemed strange. It was a very, very light fog, not rain, for I looked down and could see some people casually standing by a car talking.

At 4:30 I attended a church service. We had a guest speaker from North Carolina who expressed amazement that so many would turn out in frigid weather -- 50 degrees ( 10 C) -- but then he went on to say that he has heard that actually the weather gets worse.

Curious to know if this expression is alive and well in other cultures and other languages.

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