Saturday, November 9, 2013

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

During one of the recent warm November days I was driving down Summit Avenue here in Saint Paul and noticed people and equipment for holiday decorating in a yard. I thought that the warm November would probably produce a lot of holiday lights this year. It's much more fun to decorate outdoors when it's 45 (7C) than when the temperature is 0 (-17C) and one is wading in snowbanks!  But I was even prepared for this when driving down the same street after an evening meeting.

Took a video too. Watch the tree.
Continued on to the grocery store and discovered the area that a few days before that was decorated with gourds and pumpkins now featured pine boughs.

When one enters this store, the first things seen is a florist area and then sort of a gift shop area. The gift shop had certainly turned over from Halloween to Christmas. Good luck finding anything decorative for Thanksgiving!

While thinking about all this, I ran across a story on the internet about how people is London began complaining that the Christmas decorations were coming out too early -- in 1912! So I guess this is nothing new.

Yesterday I made a trip to Target and yes, it's Christmas there too.

But I must confess I've been waiting for Target to change over from Halloween from Christmas. In preparation for my move next month, I've been wanting to get a storage contained for Christmas things, in Christmas colors, so that when I arrive at the new place, I'll know immediately which box to look in for decorations or gifts. And I got it.

But this morning I did some preparations for Thanksgiving pies!

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