Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Busy Tuesday

My second teaching week in Poland was a busy one. Planning the lessons and working on the team journal kept me busy and I got quite behind on my personal blog.

It really started with a very busy Tuesday. I first taught my two classes at the Cisie School. Then Dorota picked up another team member and me to take us to another school for lessons. First we drove by the shop in Cisie which for many years has hosted a stork nest.

We were on our way to Starzła where we had been asked to do lessons for the 4th and 5th grade classes. This is a large school with classes through what we would call in the United States from kindergarten through junior high.

Looking down the hall I thought the lockers made an interesting picture.

Each class had 25 students so we divided them into two sections so that each of us had a smaller group. Our host teacher had asked us to talk about our families and our home town. The night before each of us had put together a power point with pictures we had on our computers or could get from the Internet. For my second lesson with the fifth graders we played a JINGO game. This is like bingo, but uses vocabulary words rather than numbers.

At the end of the lesson the students presented us with a wonderful thank you card.

Then we went out to the front steps for a photo.

Our next stop was the canteen for obiad.

It started with soup as is usual for obiad. And then was followed by a second plate.

Then we did one lesson for the 4th graders, repeating again the lesson about our families and home town. Here's the lovely thank you card from this group.

We took this group picture in the classroom.

I am seated in a chair at the start of the 2nd row.

Following this class the English teacher drove us back to Reymontówka. When she learned we had yet another lesson to teach at 4:00 that day, she said, "Today you had to take the pill." This is literal translation of a Polish idiom meaning having to do a big job all at one time. I've been trying to figure out ever since what is the American idiom that means quite the same. 

Yes we were off to Kotun for our lesson there with children at adults at the community center. Indeed it was a busy day.

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