Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Walking by History in Saint Paul

Last Saturday evening I took a short walk just at dusk over to the nearby Landmark Center. My route took me by two historic sites in Saint Paul.

Very close to where I live now is the Fitzgerald Theater.

The Fitzgerald started its life a movie theater, built by the Shubert  Theater Corporation. It operated for many years as the World Theater -- a film theater. The theater was purchased in 1980 by Minnesota Public Radio. It was restored to include a stage and opened again in 1986 as a primary site for the Prairie Home Companion radio program. It is used also for the Talking Books programs. These are examples of programs produced by Minnesota Public Radio that have a live audience of more of 500+ persons. Of course, many other events and concerts are held here, too.

In 1994 the theater was renamed Fitzgerald in honor of F. Scott Fitzgerald who was a St. Paul native. The theater was entered into the National Historic Register ten years before in 1984.

Nearby I walked by Mickey's Diner.

Above is Mickey's Diner looking beautiful in the early evening light.  Mickey's Diner was started by Mickey Crimmons and Bert Mattson after they attended a National Restaurant Convention in Chicago during the mid-1930s. The diner was pre-fabricated in a New Jersey factory and shipped to Saint Paul by rail. Since it's opening it has remained open 24/7 continuously.

The diner has been visited by the foodies such as Alton Brown's Feasting on Asphalt Food Network Program. However, in all the time I've lived in Saint Paul, I've never been inside--even though I drove by it many, many times driving to work. So one morning about 9:30 or so I'm going to wander down and have a breakfast!

Mickey's Diner was placed on the National Historic Register in 1983. 

Amazing what one can find just right outside the door.

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