Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A wonderful surprise

I have known a young woman in Poland for nearly 11 years. Recently on Facebook we have been planning for getting together when I'm in Poland in May. Then I saw she was in Florida but six weeks or so before my older daughter and I would be there. Then suddenly on Facebook I saw she was flying to Minneapolis! I wrote back, "Hey I'm in St. Paul." So we made plans to meet at the airport before she flew back to Poland.

Today the sun was shining, and in Minnesota that is a clue it's cold outside! Yes, the temp was around 0 when we went out the door to the Light Rail. Thankfully the walk is only one block and we waited only about 5 minutes for the next train. And we were lucky for the train transfer. We waited for 30 seconds!

After we got to the airport we waited for 10 minutes and then she was there with the host family. Her host family goes back for about 9 years or so when she came to Minnesota for a youth exchange.

We enjoyed a visit at the airport. I don't look elegant! It is a cold day, but this is first picture in years with no glasses! Had to leave the hat on, not elegant either, but because what we call head hair!

We hope to meet again in Warsaw in May!

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